Bayes on the Beach 2015

December 7th – 9th, Surfers Paradise, Queensland


Please find below the presentations received:

Keynote Fabrizio Ruggeri Title: New classes of priors based on stochastic orders and distortion functions

Keynote Antonietta Mira Title: Inference in statistical and mechanistic network models

Keynote Presentation: Dianne Cook Title: Is what you see really there? Combining statistical inference with exploratory data analysis

Keynote Richard Boys Title: Parameter inference for a stochastic kinetic model of expanded polyglutamine proteins

Tutorial 1 Richard Boys Title: Bayesian inference for the normal linear model

Tutorial 2 Fabrizio Ruggeri Title: Bayesian inference for Poisson processes and applications in reliability

Tutorial 3 Antonietta Mira  Title: MCMC: short introduction and selected advanced topics

Tutorial 4: Dianne Cook Title: Making effective plots to explore your data, and adding interactivity

Invited Presentation 1: Neil Gordon Title: Bayesian methods and the search for MH370

Invited Presentation 2 Beatrix Jones  Title: Decoupled shrinkage and selection for Gaussian graphical models

Invited Presentation 3 Murray Aitkin Title: How many classes? Statistical modelling of a social network and a terrorist network, with a latent class model and Bayesian model comparisons

Invited Presentation 4 Craig Anderson Title: Bayesian cluster detection via adjacency modelling

Invited Presentation 5 Nial Friel  Title: Calibrating mis-specified Bayesian exponential random graph models

Invited Presentation 6: Aldo Saavedra Title: A Bayesian approach to the spectral analysis of non‑stationary spatial-temporal data

Invited Presentation 7 Russell Millar  Title: WIC and importance sampling approximations to cross-validation for models with observation-level latent variables

Invited Presentation 8 Paul Blackwell Title: Exact Bayesian inference for continuous-time models of animal movement

Invited Presentation 9: Antony Overstall  Title: Bayesian optimal design for ordinary differential equation models

We would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for this event:

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